what did tom clancy die from

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Tom Clancy died last night at age 66 in Baltimore, Maryland October 2, .. flying from Scotland on budget airline (but they did shell out an extra 
I liked Andrew Brietbart but what he did was incredibly stupid. Because of the information that Breitbart gave to Tom Clancy, he was working 
Tom Clancy, the best-selling spy fiction author behind 28 popular novels like “ The Hunt for Red October,” “The Sum of All Fears” and “Red 
American author Tom Clancy died Tuesday night in a Baltimore hospital at age 66, Publishers Weekly first reported via Twitter. "He was a thrill 
Tom Clancy -- the author behind mega-hits like "The Hunt for Red October," " Patriot Hiroshi Yamauchi Dead -- Nintendo Pioneer Dies at 85; Ken Norton Dead -- Ex-Heavyweight Boxing Champ Dies at 70; Cal . NSA did it.